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Presenter FAQs

What is the deadline for completing and uploading my presentation?
Presentations and abstracts must be uploaded by Friday, October 15, 2021.

Is there a limit or requirement for my presentation?

  • Poster presentations should be no more than 3 minutes. 
  • Paper presentations should be no more than 15 minutes. 
  • Symposia should be no more than 60 minutes.

Is there a fee to register for TMS 2021?
Yes, speakers are expected to register for the virtual conference.

To take part in the full event, you must register as an attendee.

Registration will give you access to:

  • High-impact events addressing today’s most pressing topics in the field
  • Information you can use to improve your daily work and enhance your career
  • Live Q&A sessions and networking events with attendees and fellow speakers from across disciplines
  • On-demand presentations that you can view on your own schedule

Bonus: As a registered attendee, you will have 6 months of unlimited on-demand access to all sessions and posters so you can watch or re-watch at your convenience.

How do I log in to the TMS 2021 platform to upload my presentation?
Click here for instructions.

We have multiple speakers. Can we upload video files, or do they have to be combined?
For speakers doing a joint presentation, they would need to do this outside of our platform’s recording tool, (i.e. on Zoom), record their presentation, and then upload it to the presentation on the platform.

Can I have a live Q&A with attendees?
Yes. A typical live streamed/broadcast session would have the speaker’s presentations (either broadcast live from Zoom, or a pre-recorded video could be automatically broadcast). While the presentation is being broadcast, attendees could type in their questions using our Q&A tool. Following the presentation, the speaker(s) would be asked some of the most appropriate questions that were asked by the attendees via the live chat tool. This works best if a session moderator is present to vet the questions.

Can I submit my TMS presentation recording or poster file to another conference in the next 12 months, rather than having to develop a new version of the same content
Please check with the conference that you want to submit to.

Who holds copyrights to the content being uploaded to the TMS 2021 virtual platform?
The American Psychological Association

What accommodations are being made for people with disabilities (i.e. deaf/hearing loss)?
We ask all presenters to do their best to make their presentations accessible to all. To help you do this, we have developed a helpful guide.

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