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Scheduling Your Office Hours

We are excited to offer TMS 2021 presenters a way to interact with attendees interested in your presentations. Welcome to “Office Hours”.

These optional Office Hours sessions let you schedule times to hold a video chat with attendees in a virtual meeting room – similar to Zoom. These rooms can hold up to 50 people.

You are welcome to hold up to two (2) Office Hours sessions during TMS 2021, November 3-5.


  • To participate in Office Hours, you must register as a TMS 2021 attendee. Even if you schedule a time, you will be unable to participate in the discussion if you are not registered. Register here.
  • All times must be scheduled as (Eastern Time) ET. Please pay attention to this while selecting your times.
  • Please make sure you are available for the entire Office Hours session. Attendees are permitted to drop in at any point during your scheduled time.
  • Office Hours are NOT mandatory.

Helpful Hints

  • While there have no time limits for the length of your office hours, we recommend 30 minutes. This creates a sense of urgency for the attendees and means it is more likely that they will arrive at the start of your session. 
  • Good news! If you go over your scheduled time, your Office Hours will not be cut off. You will be able to continue your conversations.
  • Remember that Office Hours are an opportunity for attendees to ask questions and delve into your work. Think of this as a Q&A session; not a time to do your full presentation again. 

Getting Started

To begin, access the TMS 2021 Presenter Platform.

Scroll down to “Current Presentations” to begin uploading.

Scheduling Office Hours

Click on the “Office Hours” button on the homepage.

Click “Add.”

In the pop-up box, use the drop-down boxes to select the date, start time, and end time.

Click “Submit.”

If you have successfully scheduled your time, you will see the session listed.

Select “Edit” to change the date and/or time. Select “Delete” to cancel that session.

You can add up to two (2) sessions.

Promoting Your Office Hours

Tell your colleagues and peers about your office hours! The more attendees, the more engaging the discussion. Our promotion guide and promotion toolkit provide helpful hints and resources to get you started.

Attending Your Office Hours

Once you have logged in as an attendee, follow this guide to access your Office Hours session.

If you have questions, please email We are available to help Monday – Friday 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. ET.

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