TMS 2021 PROGRAM Poster Preview/Poster Hall will be available beginning November 1

All Times are Eastern

November 3, 2021 

Day One



9:00 Papers Featured Paper Presentations on Human-technology/Computer/Robot Interaction, Human-Machine Teaming and Collaboration, and Digital Ethics and Privacy 

9:30 Podcast Speaking of Psychology Behind the Scenes of TMS with Linda Charmaraman, PhD 

10:30 Q&A Ask the Editor:  Planning and Publishing Registered Reports 

11:30 Exhibitors Office Hours 

TMS 2021 Kick-Off 

12:00 Keynote Succeeding in Remote-Hybrid Work (Tsedal Neeley, PhD, Harvard Business School) 

1:15 Papers Featured Paper Presentations on Childhood/Adolescence, Cognition, and Learning and Education 

1:30 Symposium Self-Care During the COVID-19 Pandemic Deploying Mobile Mental Health Resources to Support Service Members, Veterans, and the Public 

2:30 Exhibitors Office Hours 

3:00 Keynote Two Waves of Algorithmic Accountability for Mental Health Apps (Frank Pasquale, JD, Brooklyn Law School) 

4:15 Symposium Teaching Psychology Students to be User Experience Researchers 

5:15 Exhibitors Office Hours 

6:00 Symposium Here to Stay: Digital Mental Health in a Post-Pandemic World 

November 4, 2021 

Day Two 

9:00 Papers Featured Paper Presentations on Digital Health/Telehealth, Health and Well-being, and Social Media 

9:15 Symposium Conceptualizing Cyberbullying Victimization Prevention Among Pakistani Youth 

10:30 Symposium Technology in Mental Health and Education: Applications, Perspectives and Challenges in the Colombian Caribbean 

11:30 Exhibitors Office Hours 

12:15 Keynote Two Reasons Why It Matters for Education That AI Is Intelligence, ‘But Not as We Know It’ (Rosemary Luckin, PhD, University College London

1:00 Papers Featured Paper Presentations on Virtual Environments/Augmented Reality and Video/Computer Games 

1:30 Symposium Using Natural Language Processing in Clinical Research: The Promise and Challenges of Translating into Practical Tools 

2:30 Exhibitors Office Hours 

3:00 Keynote A New Roadmap for Science and Society: Mobilizing Evidence and Innovation for Equity (Alondra Nelson, PhD, White House Office of Science and Technology Policy) 

3:45 Symposium Digital Assessment of Depression, Acute Stress, and Socioeconomic Disparities Using Wearable and Smartphone Devices Across the Lifespan 

5:00 Symposium Artificial Agents for Social Neuroscience and Social Good: Progress, Challenges and the Road Ahead  

6:00 Symposium Advancing PTSD Diagnosis, Treatment, and Dissemination of Trauma Care in Humanitarian Emergencies – Findings from the eResilience App Clinical Trial 

November 5, 2021 

Day Three 

9:00 Papers Featured Paper Presentations on the Future of Work 

9:15 Symposium Towards Digital Wellbeing 

10:30 Symposium Development of a Digital Learning Platform for Psychotherapists: Combining Science, Expertise, and Technology 

11:30 Exhibitors Office Hours 

12:15 Keynote What AI Can Learn From 4-year-olds (Alison Gopnik, PhD, University of California at Berkeley) 

1:00 Papers Featured Paper Presentations on Artificial Intelligence, Affective Computing, Natural Language Processing, and Access to/Adoption of Technology 

1:30 Symposium Equitable and Informed Digital Mental Health 

2:30 Exhibitors Office Hours 

3:00 Symposium Advances in Affective Computing for Psychological Applications: From the Fundamentals to the Future of Emotional Cognizant Artificial Intelligence Entities 

4:15 Symposium Artificial Intelligence-Enhanced Screening, Brief Intervention & Referral to Treatment (SBIRT): Using the Brief Negotiation Interview (BNI) Across Diverse Populations 

5:00  Closing Remarks 

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